Bucket list 2018! 

Hello guys! 

Welcome to my first post of 2018. I’m sorry I was absent from my blog from a really long time due to exams. But now since I’m done with them, I’ll try my best to write more regularly. 

This blog is quite personal as it reveals some of my bucket list, goals and changes I want to see in myself in this brand new year! 

Coming back to the motif, the first and the foremost thing I’ve aimed for this year is to get over my  insecurities. There are ‘n’ number of things I’m anxious about, and my body ranks on the top of that list. I’ve decided to work on it, make myself fitter and healthier and win over the demon of body shaming. 

The second thing, which is equally important for me is to work on my future. Yes, I’m in my final semester and being an average student academically, it’s high time I do backbreaking labour to secure a seat in some decent college. It’s time to be conscienctious and gear up for the next phase of my life. 

In terms of friendship, 2017 was definitely one heck of a catastrophic year. While some really decent new friends were made,special ones showed me the exit door from their life. Saw the real faces of many well wishers and realized that ‘best friend’ is just a tag if you don’t mean it. Hence, I earnestly pray to God that this year, please keep me away from fake and negative friends, friends who don’t have faith in me, and definitely backstabbers and the mean ones. With the fresh start this year, I want to befriend quality people only!  

Next, overthinking has been my biggest enemy last year, and I desperately want to blow it away this time. It has been a reason behind my thousands of sleepless nights, dark circles, and always putting myself in a bad mood for no reason. So in 2018, I’ll make an effort to sleep more and worry less. 

Lastly (not lastly), being a typical social media savvy, I feel I invest so much of time in my phone that it takes away my ‘me time’ from myself. There’s still a lot I need to explore about myself, about the world! So from my now onwards, more of exploring places, less of uploading it’s pictures, more of studying knowledgeable stuff, less of exploring insta feed, more of discovering myself, and less of chatting and socializing!  

P.s You guys are most welcome to share some hacks to help me complete my bucket! 


Acceptance is the Key 

We know two types of people in this world. One, who enjoy rain and second, who hate it. Since it is a natural phenomenon and we can’t do anything about it, rather than complaining about it, shouldn’t we adore it? Similarly in our life also, there are some situations you really can’t alleviate. For example losing your loved ones, dismay, betrayal etc. You strive to be the best to keep life flawless but some events are really not in your hands. So rather than kicking up a fuss, we should search for positivity and goodness in it. Now obviously, finding good in death of your loved ones is impractical, but if you prepare yourself in advance for it and accept it, it will be easier for you to cope up with that tough time. 

The second noble truth of Buddhism states:

Desire is the root of all suffering.

Desire is a never ending craving for a better state. People always lure for more and more. More happiness, more money, more travel, more friends. And because of this, they miss out on enjoying the little things around them. 

We keep on complaining about our lives and forget appreciating what we already have which others might be longing for! So instead of beefing about what we don’t have, we should learn to cherish what we already possess. 

The attitude of letting go is the ultimate happiness formula! The more we over-think about the negativity around us, the more unhappy our soul would be. It’s not possible to match up with people around us. We are unique individuals and we just cannot be like anyone else. So rather than trying to become like someone else, we should embrace the flaws that we have. 

Also, acceptance should not be confused with compromise. Never compromise on something you feel you deserve better. Be strong enough to let go and patient enough to wait for the better. 

I don’t think there’s any particular parameter of happiness. Even the most successful person can be unhappy with his life but a poor man might be satisfied. You don’t need to wait to be happy or tag your happiness subject to any conditions. 

So let’s start accepting what we are, what we have and be happy with it and celebrate the little joys and pleasures that life bestows us with! 

Thank you!! 


An economist named Dan Ariely, conducted a workplace experiment of paying the employees on the basis of their performance. The logic behind this was to motivate the employees to work harder by offering them high monetary incentives. A positive relation was expected between performance and pay, but to everyone’s surprise high incentives resulted in decreased level of performance. Yes! Surprising right?

This phenomenon, known as ‘choking under pressure’ occurred mainly because of shift in mental stimulation from automatic to controlled. It restraints focus and blocks our creativity. Hence, an effort to increase motivation beyond an optimal level can hamper the performance.

”For better results, self engagement is the best”

One should not get crazy running after the bonanza. Instead we should set ambitious targets, focus on them and strive to achieve them but never let that shackle our creativity zone.

When people fail in meeting their objectives, they often face hysteria. They use wrong tactics to win; cheat, lie or even fall into depression after failing. And amongst all this hassle, what suffers the most is their creativity, talent and enthusiasm towards work.

I strongly believe that for self-progress and self-contentment, rather than running after targets  set by the world, one must set their own goals, which pushes them to be better, more creative, more dedicated and more gratified.

It is rightly said that patience is the key. The path might seem a little longer, but the journey will definitely be much more enduring and satiating!

Why to hate someone? 

Loving people truly is a task of utmost sincerity and I admire those who practice it. After all, it involves giving your hundred per cent to meet their expectations, keeping them pleased all the time and not giving them any reason to leave you. 

Certainly it’s not easy and undeniably,  not my cup of tea! I believe in rewards and if I don’t get any attractive ones, I don’t feel like investing my efforts. I appreciate those who love people around them without any contemplations. I have been a prey of disappointment, melancholy and stress as an outcome of actually loving someone legitimately and hence I have surrendered now. I value each and every drop of tear that belongs to me and shed it only for those who deserve it. 

But the question is, why to hate those who don’t love you or don’t give you positive vibes? Can’t we just be neutral to them? Some people can be, but I simply cannot. 

Hating people you don’t love is relaxing, yes it is. From that I don’t mean to hurt them, but just detest them. You are at peace because you stop expecting anything from them, and so you are free from getting hurt.   Hating is much more easier and effortless than loving someone. You don’t have to go head over heels to keep anyone  satisfied. Being honest about your hatred for people is better than faking out love for them just to be in their good books. After all, you cannot always be a good person for everybody. It’s important to be honest to others and yourself too. 

No doubt, loving people is much more rewarding at the end, but only those who are worth it, else it’s a mere waste of time!

The Power of a Bad Experience 

Bob Packwood once said, ” Judgement comes from experience and great judgment comes from bad experience”

Have you ever made a best friend who betrayed you? Or loved someone so bad but he cheated you? These situations make you feel mentally drenched and low spirited. You hesitate in making love with someone else again or trusting someone anew to share your deepest secrets. These traumatic experiences create a very profound impact on one’s soul and makes him feel very hostile towards the world. 

But, should that be a conclusion to this problem? Do you really deserve to hurt your precious self because of one unfortunate trip? I have seen people falling into the pit of depression, losing their family and friends, deviating from their work as a consequence of being cheated by that one person! 

Everyone should taste a sour mango to realize the contentment of eating a sweet mango. Likewise, everyone should once have a bad experience to appreciate the worth of a good one. We often hear lovers promising to fetch moon and stars for their partners, crossing all the boundaries for them. But what happens after they break up? Why don’t they make this herculean effort for themselves after break up? It’s because they become so blind loving their partner that they forget the momentousness of ‘self love’. 

It is more important to love yourself first than to look for a lover and compensate for the self love crunch. One should realize the significance of self love. It is just a spark which needs to be lighted up and you can break all the boundaries and achieve new targets. Once you feel that spark, nobody can stop you from transforming yourself into a better person and leading a happier life.  Break records, not while being in love but after being heartbroken! 

Writing Under Construction.. 

So finally the day has arrived. I have published my first ever blog and I want to share with you all how nervous as well as excited I’m to begin with this new journey. I’ve no idea what I’m going to write next, will it even make any sense or not, but one thing I know is that I’m just going to pour my heart out in it. I’ve always had a thing for writing, be it articles, poems or stories. But somehow I lacked that confidence to show it even to my closest friend. In a world full of haters and criticisers, publicizing my expressions and perspectives gives me a sense of fear. It always terrifies  me how people will react to  it,will they even read it, or what if they secretly laught at me….

All these inimical thoughts discouraged me to start my blog. One day while I was staring the wall in front of me, thinking hard about my career, my ‘ambition’, my love for creative writing, my willingness to get my words published, I figured out that such petty reasons have been breaking me off from pursuing my dreams. So I finally mustered courage, took a pen and diary, and made my mind to start a blog, without thinking about the outcome! 

But again, so many questions popped up into my mind. How will my blog turn out? Will I get any appreciation for it? And most importantly, would all this hard work be even worth it? 

While there were plenty of factors that pulled me backwards, there were few but credible ones that pushed me in this beautiful world of words and expressions. 

When you get such crazy amount of motivation from your family and friends, when you get the right kind of guidance from right people and when you feel that magnetism towards your passion and dream, you finally feel like ‘there’s no looking back now‘!! 

I know I must have made mistakes here, but well, who doesn’t? I know I need a lot of improvement and practice, but, now that I’ve an urge and desire to work on my goals and not stop trying ever, I’ll make sure I get better and better with every performance.