Writing Under Construction.. 

So finally the day has arrived. I have published my first ever blog and I want to share with you all how nervous as well as excited I’m to begin with this new journey. I’ve no idea what I’m going to write next, will it even make any sense or not, but one thing I know is that I’m just going to pour my heart out in it. I’ve always had a thing for writing, be it articles, poems or stories. But somehow I lacked that confidence to show it even to my closest friend. In a world full of haters and criticisers, publicizing my expressions and perspectives gives me a sense of fear. It always terrifies  me how people will react to  it,will they even read it, or what if they secretly laught at me….

All these inimical thoughts discouraged me to start my blog. One day while I was staring the wall in front of me, thinking hard about my career, my ‘ambition’, my love for creative writing, my willingness to get my words published, I figured out that such petty reasons have been breaking me off from pursuing my dreams. So I finally mustered courage, took a pen and diary, and made my mind to start a blog, without thinking about the outcome! 

But again, so many questions popped up into my mind. How will my blog turn out? Will I get any appreciation for it? And most importantly, would all this hard work be even worth it? 

While there were plenty of factors that pulled me backwards, there were few but credible ones that pushed me in this beautiful world of words and expressions. 

When you get such crazy amount of motivation from your family and friends, when you get the right kind of guidance from right people and when you feel that magnetism towards your passion and dream, you finally feel like ‘there’s no looking back now‘!! 

I know I must have made mistakes here, but well, who doesn’t? I know I need a lot of improvement and practice, but, now that I’ve an urge and desire to work on my goals and not stop trying ever, I’ll make sure I get better and better with every performance. 

32 thoughts on “Writing Under Construction.. 

  1. You write with talent, honesty, dedication, creating that special connection with your readers. And that’s amazing! This beautiful blog is your place to shine, and you will shine bright through every article, with every new friendship you’ll build around here. I’m honored that you’re following my blog, thank you!
    And Welcome to the blogging community, amazing writer and beautiful heart!

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  2. “Not stop trying ever” – you are absolutely right about that! 🙂

    I have always found that the truth is… we all write for ourselves. Not to please anyone, not to impress the world. Writing is how we breathe fresh life into our lives.

    Good Luck on your Voyage Mahimajalan! 😉

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