Why to hate someone? 

Loving people truly is a task of utmost sincerity and I admire those who practice it. After all, it involves giving your hundred per cent to meet their expectations, keeping them pleased all the time and not giving them any reason to leave you.

Certainly, it’s not easy and undeniably,  not my cup of tea! I believe in rewards and if I don’t get any attractive ones, I don’t feel like investing in my efforts. I appreciate those who love people around them without any contemplations. I have been a prey of disappointment, melancholy and stress as an outcome of actually loving someone legitimately and hence I have surrendered now. I value each and every drop of tear that belongs to me and shed it only for those who deserve it.

But the question is, why to hate those who don’t love you or don’t give you positive vibes? Can’t we just be neutral to them? Some people can be, but I simply cannot.

Hating people you don’t love is relaxing, yes it is. From this, I don’t mean to hurt them but just detest them. You are at peace because you stop expecting anything from them, and so you are free from getting hurt. Hating is much easier and effortless than loving forcefully. You don’t have to go head over heels to keep anyone satisfied. Being honest about your hatred for people is better than faking out love for them just to be in their good books. After all, you cannot always be a good person for everybody. It’s important to be honest to others and yourself too.

No doubt, loving people is much more rewarding at the end, but only those who are worth it, else it’s a mere waste of time!