Why to hate someone? 

Loving people truly is a task of utmost sincerity and I admire those who practice it. After all, it involves giving your hundred per cent to meet their expectations, keeping them pleased all the time and not giving them any reason to leave you.

Certainly, it’s not easy and undeniably,  not my cup of tea! I believe in rewards and if I don’t get any attractive ones, I don’t feel like investing in my efforts. I appreciate those who love people around them without any contemplations. I have been a prey of disappointment, melancholy and stress as an outcome of actually loving someone legitimately and hence I have surrendered now. I value each and every drop of tear that belongs to me and shed it only for those who deserve it.

But the question is, why to hate those who don’t love you or don’t give you positive vibes? Can’t we just be neutral to them? Some people can be, but I simply cannot.

Hating people you don’t love is relaxing, yes it is. From this, I don’t mean to hurt them but just detest them. You are at peace because you stop expecting anything from them, and so you are free from getting hurt. Hating is much easier and effortless than loving forcefully. You don’t have to go head over heels to keep anyone satisfied. Being honest about your hatred for people is better than faking out love for them just to be in their good books. After all, you cannot always be a good person for everybody. It’s important to be honest to others and yourself too.

No doubt, loving people is much more rewarding at the end, but only those who are worth it, else it’s a mere waste of time!

23 thoughts on “Why to hate someone? 

  1. Sometimes it’s better to forgive the ones that hurt you – cut them out of your life & simply avoid anything that brings negative vibes into your life. Just remember that the ones you hate will always have some sort of control over you and fact is, they don’t even deserve your time or a place in your mind. The moment you forgive them is the moment you liberate yourself. Once you forgive, they no longer have any part of you or your thoughts and only then will you be truly free. Its true when they say that you forgive these people for yourself & not for the person who hurt you.

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    1. I agree that they don’t even deserve your time or a place in your mind. Liberation of mind is very important, something which I have learned in last one year! That’s how it is,you evelove and grow with time andexperiences!

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  2. You make a point here! This got me to thinking, Can Hating someone be totally normal? I think “Hate” is a very strong emotion and requires your energy. By hating someone you are still giving importance to them by wasting your energy.
    You can simply Dislike a person which may not require as much commitment as hate. 🙂 Just my point of view.

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  3. First very funny 😂😂😂 “Hating people you don’t love is relaxing, yes it is” this line was the one.
    Now my opinion hate would be rather a strong emotion but I totally agree some people don’t deserve more than a negative emotion. The beauty of this world is that everybody is loved by somebody even if that somebody is just their mother! 🙊
    good writing

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  4. If what it is you are feeling is really hate then there is nothing relaxing about it. It probably takes more from a person to hate someone than to love them. If you seethe with anger everytime you see these people and wish them dead, if you’d run them over with your car given the opportunity then you probably do hate them. But if you don’t care whether they are alive or dead then you are maybe just indifferent to them? I was in a toxic relationship and I hateddddddd him for what he’d done… if he’d dropped dead infront of me i’d have thrown a party. I was a mental mess…not crazy but my mind was not at ease, i kept devising ways in my head that I could get back at that POS. But then the hurt subsided and I no longer felt anything toward him, no hate, no love, nothingness, indifference. This is a good post by the way.

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    1. Thanks a lot. I appreciate your perspective. But then I’ve a different perspective. I agree in what you just said but for me hating is a little easier than loving someone (truly=


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