An economist named Dan Ariely, conducted a workplace experiment of paying the employees on the basis of their performance. The logic behind this was to motivate the employees to work harder by offering them high monetary incentives. A positive relation was expected between performance and pay, but to everyone’s surprise high incentives resulted in decreased level of performance. Yes! Surprising right?

This phenomenon, known as ‘choking under pressure’ occurred mainly because of shift in mental stimulation from automatic to controlled. It restraints focus and blocks our creativity. Hence, an effort to increase motivation beyond an optimal level can hamper the performance.

”For better results, self engagement is the best”

One should not get crazy running after the bonanza. Instead we should set ambitious targets, focus on them and strive to achieve them but never let that shackle our creativity zone.

When people fail in meeting their objectives, they often face hysteria. They use wrong tactics to win; cheat, lie or even fall into depression after failing. And amongst all this hassle, what suffers the most is their creativity, talent and enthusiasm towards work.

I strongly believe that for self-progress and self-contentment, rather than running after targets  set by the world, one must set their own goals, which pushes them to be better, more creative, more dedicated and more gratified.

It is rightly said that patience is the key. The path might seem a little longer, but the journey will definitely be much more enduring and satiating!