Acceptance is the Key 

We know two types of people in this world. One, who enjoy rain and second, who hate it. Since it is a natural phenomenon and we can’t do anything about it, rather than complaining about it, shouldn’t we adore it? Similarly in our life also, there are some situations you really can’t alleviate. For example losing your loved ones, dismay, betrayal etc. You strive to be the best to keep life flawless but some events are really not in your hands. So rather than kicking up a fuss, we should search for positivity and goodness in it. Now obviously, finding good in death of your loved ones is impractical, but if you prepare yourself in advance for it and accept it, it will be easier for you to cope up with that tough time. 

The second noble truth of Buddhism states:

Desire is the root of all suffering.

Desire is a never ending craving for a better state. People always lure for more and more. More happiness, more money, more travel, more friends. And because of this, they miss out on enjoying the little things around them. 

We keep on complaining about our lives and forget appreciating what we already have which others might be longing for! So instead of beefing about what we don’t have, we should learn to cherish what we already possess. 

The attitude of letting go is the ultimate happiness formula! The more we over-think about the negativity around us, the more unhappy our soul would be. It’s not possible to match up with people around us. We are unique individuals and we just cannot be like anyone else. So rather than trying to become like someone else, we should embrace the flaws that we have. 

Also, acceptance should not be confused with compromise. Never compromise on something you feel you deserve better. Be strong enough to let go and patient enough to wait for the better. 

I don’t think there’s any particular parameter of happiness. Even the most successful person can be unhappy with his life but a poor man might be satisfied. You don’t need to wait to be happy or tag your happiness subject to any conditions. 

So let’s start accepting what we are, what we have and be happy with it and celebrate the little joys and pleasures that life bestows us with! 

Thank you!!