Bucket list 2018! 

Hello guys!

Welcome to my first post of 2018. I’m sorry I was absent from my blog from a really long time due to exams. But now since I’m done with them, I’ll try my best to write more regularly.

This blog is quite personal as it reveals some of my bucket list, goals and changes I want to see in myself in this brand new year!

Coming back to the motif, the first and the foremost thing I’ve aimed for this year is to get over my insecurities. There are ‘n’ number of things I’m anxious about, and my body ranks on the top of that list. I’ve decided to work on it, make myself fitter and healthier and win over the demon of body shaming.

The second thing, which is equally important for me is to work on my future. Yes, I’m in my final semester and being an average student academically, it’s high time I do backbreaking labour to secure a seat in some decent college. It’s time to be conscienctious and gear up for the next phase of my life.

In terms of friendship, 2017 was definitely one heck of a catastrophic year. While some really decent new friends were made,special ones showed me the exit door from their life. Saw the real faces of many well wishers and realized that ‘best friend’ is just a tag if you don’t mean it. Hence, I earnestly pray to God that this year, please keep me away from fake and negative friends, friends who don’t have faith in me, and definitely backstabbers and the mean ones. With the fresh start this year, I want to befriend quality people only!

Next, overthinking has been my biggest enemy last year, and I desperately want to blow it away this time. It has been a reason behind my thousands of sleepless nights, dark circles, and always putting myself in a bad mood for no reason. So in 2018, I’ll make an effort to sleep more and worry less.

Lastly (not lastly), being a typical social media savvy, I feel I invest so much of time in my phone that it takes away my ‘me time’ from myself. There’s still a lot I need to explore about myself, about the world! So from my now onwards, more of exploring places, less of uploading it’s pictures, more of studying knowledgeable stuff, less of exploring insta feed, more of discovering myself, and less of chatting and socializing!

P.s You guys are most welcome to share some hacks to help me complete my bucket!