Forever is a lie

Why do we always tend to run after those who don’t value our affection towards them? We give our best to keep them satiated, but what do we get in return? Nothing! It’s just like watering a dead plant. And in this entire process of chasing the undeserving people, we forget to love ourself.

Always remember, there’s only one person in this world who cannot break your heart, who cannot hurt you, who you can trust blindly and love unconditionally and that is nobody else but you.

People will never get tired of your love and attention, but getting the same from them in equivalent amount is a big deal. There’s definitely nothing wrong in loving people, but never let yourself surrender in front of them. Never lose your self worth for them.

Let’s just gulp the bitter truth that eventually, people will leave you. Yes, they do! Once they get bored of you, sick of you, and get better options, they will very conveniently leave you.

The meaning of forever is still not clear to me. But whatever it is, it definitely does not do justice to it’s dictionary meaning which reads ‘for all the time’. Forever lasts only till people are comfortable with you. Once you start expecting something out of their comfort zone, they start detaching themselves from you and start looking for easy alternates. Sticking to one single person, bearing with all their flaws and tantrums is just getting harder and harder for people these days.

Your love and expectations share a direct relationship with hurt and disappointment. The more you love and expect, the more people will hurt and disappoint you.

Some people are lucky in love, they do get reunited with their ‘lost love’. But not everyone is blessed with the same destiny. Now my question is, what’s more difficult, to hold on grudges for the person you love and never go back to them or to just forget everything, take an initiative and begin everything with a fresh start?

With so many people, I remember, I have taken the first step to sort out everything, but for a few people, I have waited. I have waited for them to come first and solve things. Even I want to know how it feels when someone you love calls you after a fight, says sorry, convince you and urge you to go back to them. I want to experience the feeling of ‘ being wanted’ by others, I want to receive that text one day saying, ‘Damn I miss you, come back to me’!