Everything is in the Head

Don’t you ever wonder why is it so difficult to stay focused, dedicated and positive towards life all the time? There are times when you feel distraught, you don’t feel like talking to anyone, you’re in a cranky mood all the time or even little things keep on irritating you. You completely go off track. You waste your time doing nothing, pick unnecessary fights and inflate every situation beyond reasonable proportion. And on the top of it, you over think! You spend sleepless nights imagining fake scenarios that don’t even exist and put yourself in a bad mood. You spiral your thoughts into a deep web of negativity.

It is rightly said that everything is in the head. You have this weird tendency of thinking about all the ‘what if’ possibilities of any situation and then fussing about it. But do you ever question yourself if all this analysing and fussing even worth your time?

With time and experience, I’ve figured out that there are certain aspects that become your biggest enemy during such phases. First is, lack of self love. Before loving others, you’ve to learn the art of loving yourself first. I’m gradually learning to love myself more for the way I’m and trust me, it is keeping me much more blissful and in better spirits than before.

A golden trick to remain happy in any situation is to keep yourself busy doing things you love and enjoy doing. I love reading books so now I’ve made a routine to pick up any novel whenever I get time, specially during nights when I feel sleepless. Also, I love writing. It gives me another level of contentment and gratification. I feel the happiest when I publish my blog, I perceive I’m my most honest and pure self while writing! Doing this keeps me distracted from all the negativity revolving around me. It doesn’t give me time to worry about unnecessary or pity issues.

Another thing that keeps bothering people is distancing. When your loved ones leave or betray you, you take it way too seriously. You think as if it’s the end of the world. But my dear friend, the harsh reality is ‘nothing lasts forever‘, be it people, love, or pain. So rather than crying over those people, you should accept this harsh reality and limit yourself in advance from getting attached to people.

Mental health is very important guys, and you’re the best caretaker of your health. To be a happy and a positive person, it is very important to keep your mind stress free and healthy. It is the key which determines how you control your life. According to statistics, approximately one in four people in the UK experience mental health problem each year which is terrifying. There are various ways to deal with depression, anxiety or any sort of mental problem. But the easiest and the most effective solution I’ve found is to talk about it. Depression and loneliness go hand in hand. So I urge all of you to come out, talk about your problems and not let it kill you from inside. You realize the intensity of any problem only when you go through it, and that I know how it feels to be lonely and depressed, I’ll never want anyone to go through the same phase.

I would end this post by passing out a message to all of you: no matter if we are on talking terms or not, you want someone to talk? Give me a call or text, I promise I’ll revert as soon as possible. You want to go on a coffee? I’m always ready. You want someone to listen to your problems? I’ve got lots of time for that.

Lots of love,

Mahima ❤️

23 thoughts on “Everything is in the Head

  1. “Nothing lasts forever”….couldn’t agree more. Things change, and they have to for us to evolve and adapt. It’s the reason why we use the phrase “the good old days”. We think because something is no longer in existence, we are going to miss it, hence that was a good thing. Now that I am without it, “I think it’s a bad thing”. But no, it’s a chance to create some new memories!

    And “Self-Love” – well if you can’t love yourself……you can’t love anyone else

    Nice post

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