An Affair to Remember

Firstly, sorry for being MIA (missing in action) from so long, thanks to my hectic job and procrastination skills. But now hopefully, I will be more active and surely come up with better content for my audience!

Few days back I finished serving my notice period in office, and I can clearly sense the difference in myself after leaving the job. 6 months back when I stepped into the corporate world for the first time, the feeling was altogether very different. Suddenly, I started feeling more mature and adulting clearly started rooting into my mind. Responsibility and accountability for everything started hitting me up. For every decision, I had to be answerable to my higher authorities, and for every unusual thing I had to ask for permission; the fear of committing a mistake daunted me every second. At once, my freedom was snatched away from me, before uttering a word before anyone I had to think thousand times which just did not match my personality trait! For someone who believes in following her heart and being unapologetically herself, having a calculative thought before doing anything is not a very comfortable idea. Forget about others, I was not even true to myself. If peace of mind is concerned, after quitting the job, I am in a very passive zone, feeling of liberation and the level of happiness is at par. It feels like finally all the barriers and limitations to my mind, soul and even creativity have been removed.

Everything comes with its own share of pros and cons and same was the thing with my job. I witnessed a positive transformation of myself in these 6 months. I have come out as a better version of myself. Now I am more responsible & mature, I learnt the amount of hard work it takes to earn money and the challenges I faced in corporate world made me much more stronger and wiser as a person. The 22 year old directionless & confused girl finally figured out the right path for her (hopefully). Little things like mom’s cooked food, that extra sleep of 10 minutes in the morning, family time, and weekends are so appreciated and valued now, the pleasure of getting salary at the end of month was incomparable. Damn! Not receiving salary anymore is the saddest part of resigning.

Now I have plans for studying further, I will be pursuing masters in Journalism as it will polish and enhance my content development skills and open better opportunities in this genre for me. Post-graduation was always on cards, but the question was when? and while doing this ‘not my kind of job’, I certainly realized this is the right time for it!

I miss my bunch of incredible and the most genuine friends that I made here, who are the purest of souls and the best colleagues one can ever be blessed with. Having much more experience of corporate culture, they guided me like mentors, provided me the best of answers and advice, corrected my blunders (which otherwise I wouldn’t have realized), and most importantly presented me an honest feedback & suggestion on every step because they truly cared about me.

I am glad that at the end of this small but productive journey, I have become more patient, I use my words wisely, I believe more in performing than speaking and the biggest lesson that I have learnt is that there is no shortcut to success, hard work and patience is the ultimate key to it.

With my fingers crossed, I am looking forward to unfolding a new chapter of my life. So excited to relive college life again, make new friends, meet new people, learn innovative things, and explore better prospects for my career.

20 thoughts on “An Affair to Remember

  1. You took bold decisions. Don’t worry for salary on 1st..As per my book-Do your best and let
    life do the rest.
    I wish you best of luck in your new journey! You can always share with me any problem in your journey and pleasure will be mine.

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  2. A healthy work environment is much more important than anything else. I hope you are enjoying getting back to the student life. Get the most out of it, because you’ll never get this time back 🙂

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  3. It’s good that you had an entirely different experience.More than cons I like to pros for you have come to know what suits you the most . You have beautifully put you experience to words.Wish to have more such write ups from you and yes all the best for the new journey that you are about to take on 🙂

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