Thank You Corona

Dear Corona,

Individuals have been grumbling about you, reviling you and jabbering negative about you, yet I am here to thank you. Indeed, you read it right! I want to convey you a big thank you. I am very well aware that you are causing a ton of ruckus to everyone which I prefer not to discuss as everything is already out there on news portals and social media. Lately, all this has been building a lot of pessimism in our heads thus I thought to look at the bright side of your presence.

If two months back someone would question me “what kind of a life do you want to live?”, I swear I would have replied, ”laying on the bed, reading, learning, eating and all chilling” and guess what, I got it!

Thank you for making me experience life from by and large an alternate point of view. I am on lockdown from last the 10 days and will remain for another 15 days at least. Self-isolation isn’t that problematic, I think I am managing it somewhat well. It has taught me to acknowledge little things even more, which went unnoticed prior. My heart is brimming with gratitude for outside air, home-made food, a secured roof, family and friends all safe and secure, my University, laptop, phone and everything that I possess which is helping me survive this quarantine phase. It becomes challenging at times, but the thought that self-isolation is the only panacea for this pandemic, I am gradually settling towards the modus operandi of sitting at home and be more productive and less lethargic every day. I am doing small internships and earning paltry sum from home, completing my college assignments, doing household chores (which I never did before), spending time with family and connecting more with friends and relatives. I give due credits to this pandemic situation for making all this happen, which otherwise my timetable never permitted.

Looking at the bright side of the situation, I am glad that I can commit additional time and effort to everything, which earlier happened in a brief timeframe. Be it my assignments or taking a shower, I am giving every task a good measure of time. So much of bonus time is giving me a chance to think about zones I need to work upon, propensities that I need to develop/change, opportunities that I should grasp and so forth! Skincare which seemed merely impossible in my hectic schedule has become a routine now. Cooking, which has not been even at the base of my rundown of abilities has become my try-on thing for now, and I hope I would be able to learn survival cooking by the end of the lockdown phase. Writing blogs, which is substantially more than a hobby to me, was tough for me to prioritize due to my assignment deadlines. But all this is now happening, all thanks to corona!  Quarantine constrains us to make changes to our day by day life that we should keep after this phase too. I am grateful to each individual like my home assistance, staple seller, police and so on, who add to making my life simpler. I value places and individuals all the more at this point.

This one who is to all those who are getting cranky and frustrated at home, be appreciative to have a roof above and food on your table. We all are facing some sort of challenges but the only way to get out of it is to stay at home, and chill!

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Stay Home Stay Safe!



44 thoughts on “Thank You Corona

      1. It’s so refreshing to come across people who view the world through a different lens. All the best with your bloggging – you are an amazing writer. I look forward to your future content. Keep it coming

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  1. Mahima, that is so beautiful and replicates my thoughts. Covid has given us time to reset ourselves and nature. We can explore ourselves and test how to survive in the time of distress. We should be grateful. I am glad you wrote this. Many people do not realise this.

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  2. Glad that you’ve been able to embrace the positive side. I’m having similar emotions about self-isolation and social distancing due to corona. We all needed this time to heal. ❤

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  3. We are on the second day of a government enforced lockdown which and I was just joking with a friend that when this is all over people are going to re-evaluate their the things they value and realise they aren’t things at all, but the gel that holds life together.


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  5. Thanks Mahima for the coming out with a different aspect of corona lockdown which is full of positive takeaways and a healthy deviation from treading the beaten paths.Thank you again and I will request you to pl.go through my posts as soon as your time permits! All the best and keep healthy and take care of the poor,the victims and the aged ones.

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  6. I’m glad you are seeing positive side of the situation. Not that it is a good thing but altering our perspective can help us to ward off negativity. Many people are feeling restricted in their home. We can’t help in some situation. Thanks for sharing this post. Just curious, how did you discover my blog?

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    1. I know it might offend some people, but gratitude is important for being able to stay at home safely. Btw I was reading about Jaipur as I keep on visiting there, so that’s how I landed on your blog and loved it🥰


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