Consistency Battle

While quarantine is giving me enough time to read a lot on WordPress, know about the blogger community and get a hang of this website, I attempted to utilize this opportunity to the maximum by structuring my home page, adding menus, including an introduction, reposting a blog on my current favorite word “consistency” and so on (this I was totally ignorant of before).

I also did a course in “The Art of Blogging: Beginners Essentials” from The course ended up being extremely thought-provoking for me and made me wonder how “inconsistent” I have been in writing blogs. Also to mention, I have received an immense amount of love and motivation from the blogger network; each time I posted a blog, the insights showed signs of improvement and all the more promising. The comments are so overwhelming and positive. And my favorite part, when a fellow blogger comment on my post “this is so relatable..”, then I feel my purpose of writing a blog is solved!

Coming back to the consistency factor, how about we talk in numbers first. I wrote my first post in July 2017 and since then, I have written “just” 13 blogs which means roughly 4 blogs per year, disappointing much! These statistics force me to question my ability, my seriousness, my diminishing level of motivation and my lack of hard work and commitment towards my ambition.

I feel blessed to have all that needs to be a blogger: skills, innovation, originality, enthusiasm. Then what’s missing? Lack of inspiration? Lack of zeal? Or on the other hand perhaps a main driving force?


With every new blog post, I promise myself to be more consistent with my writing yet it just doesn’t materialize. Either I am out of topics, or busy with my assignments, or even if I sit and write I am just not able to complete the entire post. The procrastination game is real.  Also, let me tell you all, I don’t write just for the sake of hobby or time pass, but it is significantly more to me. It’s my stress-buster, my career (hopefully), my only forte. Then what are the possible reasons for my inconsistency?

I would be glad if you all suggest me ways I can be more consistent and serious with my blogging, would love to have some constructive feedback and suggestions!

Thank You

56 thoughts on “Consistency Battle

  1. I get where you are coming from. The world is so fast-paced with a lot going on that there’s barely enough time to gather thoughts or do some leisure writing. This lockdown is an opportunity to focus on so many things that got brushed aside with regular life (Assignments, work,etc). Good luck with your writing. I hope to see all your future publications

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  2. Hi Mahima!

    Nice to e-meet you 🙂 I am not an experience blogger myself to give you any suggestion. However I can only share whaat I have learnt in my past one week journey in this ocean. 🙂

    I also started following “Art Of Blogging” when I joined here and read his blogs which taught me a great deal! As the master would say “Punch those damn keys” no matter what 🙂

    Happy Blogging!

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  3. I can relate this post so much but after taking up the challenge of 21 days 21 posts and I religiously did it. Finally i won my challenge.
    About my own post of consistency which you have shared( thank you) reminded me my battle of consistency.
    Plus i just had a thought that consistency is nothing but a strength of us and we all have that strength to do it.
    So relatable post 🙌

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    1. I am planning to open an Instagram account where I will be posting quotes , short write-ups etc. The idea is to be more consistent with writing as Instagram is more handy and quick while blogging is a bit more time taking. How is the idea?


  4. I struggle with consistency, it is a huge battle for me. And while I would love to help you, I cannot even help myself.

    This is like my fourth or fifth blog now. I have a tendency to have an idea, then write, and go with it for some months, and then during a particularly bad self-loathing type of day, decide to delete it, and completely get rid of everything. This I do with many things.
    Then the next day I try to mend things and/or do some damage control, and then I try and get back up again.
    Basically I keep destroying myself and then keep being almost reborn. It’s exhausting!

    It’s a problem I’ve had “consistently” (haha) and it’s the only consistent thing about me. Oh the irony!

    It is nice to know I’m not the only one struggling with this type of thing though.

    Now I have just got a very basic private blog for just me, because I’m rubbish at all this blog type stuff, and I don’t have much confidence, and there are many sides to me, so it’s difficult to bring all of those sides to me within the same blog. Yeah its complicated…

    I know I’m probably going to destroy it soon anyway so there is no point having any followers.

    My best was keeping a blog for a whole year and over 40 followers.

    But then I think I got the heebee geebee’s and decided to get rid of it.

    Only advice I can give really is just be YOU.
    Don’t force anything. Let the blogging happen naturally.

    If your brain wants to blog, just let it, and don’t worry about anything else. Blog as much or as little as you like….it is your blog. Your space. Your little world where you can be free. Enjoy it!

    Best wishes x

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      1. Look Mahima! Your self Image in your own mind is what matters and your self Image must be very high in your eyes. This is what will will take you far in your life.

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      2. Sir I was planning to open an Instagram account where I will regularly post one liners, quotes, write ups etc. as Insta is more handy and quick. So should I go ahead with this idea? The idea is to be more consistent with writing.


      3. Just to inform you that I have just now substantially reduced the price of all my 7 ebooks.You can see d new prices and take its full advantage.

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      4. Hi! Yes you can do that.But you should decide one theme/subject and you should focus
        on writing posts for WordPress/Instagram on that theme/subject only. This will help you to
        get and consolidate a particular set of Auduience.
        For instance, I only write about Inspirational/Motivational subject because i love that most. Likewise, you too decide a subject which you love most to write about.
        If any other query,pl do write to me.

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  5. inspiration is perishable, so it’ll be better for you to write as and when something clicks. also blogging is not really limited to something in particular. you can use this platform, to express feelings that you never could, or maybe write letters, to the ones you love or you will love. or maybe just use this space to share something that you’re good at, be it a few drawings or whatever for that matter. the list is endless. all that lacks is an effort to explore. wishing you the best. 🙂

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  6. Great blog post!

    Of course, it’s not easy to do blog posts, the procrastinating factor is always there.

    But what I advise is that you have a positive mindset. A strong and positive mindset is where you get solid determination and focus from

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  7. Being a procrastinator is normal. It happens with all of us when try to balance out so many things at one time. I would suggest (from my personal experience) to say away from Social Media. It takes a lot of time. Also, make a log book where you can plan when to post what so that you can plan in advance and be happy about your work. I would like to read you more often. This is the time, this moment. Let’s start it now. Take care.

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  8. More often than not we get involved in life, and life moves on, and so do we.
    I guess we both are at the same stage of learning about consistency, and hopefully we will do great in it. It is only a perception of time involved.
    Nicely expressed.

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  9. Many of us go through this, but I think you can draw a plan for the number of times you want to utilize for your blog post. Probably twice in a week this will enable you to draft write ups. Sometime, I keep editing drafts for 3days. I just started blogging last year though. Then gradually you might write everyday.

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  10. I just feel we are on the same page. I sometimes run out of topic that I know I can discuss more and let the day finish without producing anything… Could have been occupied with so many stuffs like watching movies, tv shows that I could not resist to end until the last the episode… I hope these are also not categorized under Excuse 😊

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