Turn ON your ZEN Mode

With a lot of free time in hands, thanks to lockdown, I am sure everyone is hooked to their phones. We know there’s nothing new happening in the outside world, still we are tempted to check Instagram and Snapchat now and then. Social media has become even more addictive (though dull) from the last couple of months.

All I see is people posting ways to keep themselves busy at home. Sometimes it inspires me, but many times, it bothers my mental piece. It sparks a competitive vibe in me, it makes me doubt my productivity level and makes me feel envious of other people’s talent.

Thankfully by reading some self-help book and articles, I realized that everyone is not the same and nobody is your competition. Your only competition is ‘YOU’ and be it lockdown or no lockdown, you have to work on making yourself better from your current version, and not from others.

It was pretty evident to me that my biggest enemy/distraction hampering my ‘ZEN’ state is my phone. My average screen time per day is 8 hours which is insane! Paradoxically, sometimes the best thing our phones could do is encourage us to put them down for a bit and drive our attention elsewhere. It was high time to turn my Zen mode on, so I figured out ways to engage myself, and trust me it worked, my screen time has reduced from last 5 days, I feel more productive, content and positive. So what I did was:

  • Read Novels (Currently Reading Sapiens)
  • Mandala Art (Cannot stress enough on how meditative, relaxing and engaging this activity is)
  • Journaling (My all-time stress-buster)
  • Cooking (I mean helping my mom in cooking)

Time to turn on your ZEN mode guys, share how you guys do it, would love to know and try that! 🙂

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Social Media Negativity

This post is especially about negativity on ‘social media’, which has become an inseparable toxic part of our life. We spend most of our time on phone scrolling on social media checking what is happening in other’s people life. Undeniably, we have a realisation that it is vandalizing our mental health, leaving a negative impact on our minds. We portray our happiest sides on social media, but when we see the same of others, let’s not deny, we sometimes unwantedly feel insecure, wretched or jealous. For instance, if you are unhappy with your job while at the same time you see your friend posting happy pictures working in his office, you might feel envious. This is human nature and there’s no running away from it. But thanks to social media, no matter how much we attempt to stay positive, it drags us into the pool of negative emotions.

I have tried ‘n’ number to times to uninstall social media apps from my phone, but that has not happened for more than 25 days! I tried diverting myself by reading books, watching shows, blogging and what not but failed to get away from it. I resist as much as I can but then social media has become that inseparable part of my life, that no matter how hard I drive myself, I get back into this toxic relationship. I even ‘unfollowed’ a few accounts which I felt are not doing any good to me. But all this hardly made a minor difference to me.

I am still as addicted to social media as I was earlier, in fact even more now (thanks to lockdown), my mind is over-consumed with unhealthy updates about other people’s lives, I devote hours stalking people I barely know (and then form my opinion about them) and last but not the least, I compare my life with their life (without having any slightest idea about what’s going on the other side of their life which they have not put on social media).

I can see it’s already taking a toll on me. So before it goes beyond accepted limits, please suggest to me what do you guys do to dodge social media negativity? NEGATIVITY