Social Media Negativity

This post is especially about negativity on ‘social media’, which has become an inseparable toxic part of our life. We spend most of our time on phone scrolling on social media checking what is happening in other’s people life. Undeniably, we have a realisation that it is vandalizing our mental health, leaving a negative impact on our minds. We portray our happiest sides on social media, but when we see the same of others, let’s not deny, we sometimes unwantedly feel insecure, wretched or jealous. For instance, if you are unhappy with your job while at the same time you see your friend posting happy pictures working in his office, you might feel envious. This is human nature and there’s no running away from it. But thanks to social media, no matter how much we attempt to stay positive, it drags us into the pool of negative emotions.

I have tried ‘n’ number to times to uninstall social media apps from my phone, but that has not happened for more than 25 days! I tried diverting myself by reading books, watching shows, blogging and what not but failed to get away from it. I resist as much as I can but then social media has become that inseparable part of my life, that no matter how hard I drive myself, I get back into this toxic relationship. I even ‘unfollowed’ a few accounts which I felt are not doing any good to me. But all this hardly made a minor difference to me.

I am still as addicted to social media as I was earlier, in fact even more now (thanks to lockdown), my mind is over-consumed with unhealthy updates about other people’s lives, I devote hours stalking people I barely know (and then form my opinion about them) and last but not the least, I compare my life with their life (without having any slightest idea about what’s going on the other side of their life which they have not put on social media).

I can see it’s already taking a toll on me. So before it goes beyond accepted limits, please suggest to me what do you guys do to dodge social media negativity? NEGATIVITY

37 thoughts on “Social Media Negativity

  1. I usually do a 30-day fast, where I actually DEACTIVATE the account. That keeps me from getting on prematurely. Also, I realize that everyone’s life is curated on social media. Finally, I try to work on being the happiest, most content version of myself; that way it doesn’t matter what I see someone else post.

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    1. Well I have started engaging myself in mandala art, journaling, and reading and it’s actually effective! (Wrote a blog also on it just now, please do check it out and share your feedback) Also I did all what you have mentioned, it’s very important to ignore/unfollow all the accounts that spread even a small amount of negativity 🙂

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  2. You can fill your feed with some positivity ofc but it doesn’t help much. Try taking a break from these platforms only like for a week then for a month. You may find the peace you need that way😊

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  3. WP is my only social media. Well, I do have a Twitter account, but I only use it for my blogging + writing (so I only see very specific content that I like). Social media is generally a lie. People post the good but not the bad. It messes with your head. The problem is that we want to stay connected to some people just in case. And most of the time, social media is the only way. That’s something that I miss. I cannot contact the people whom I went to school or university, or past work because I do not have Facebook. But my peace of mind is more important.

    What I would recommend (if you don’t want to unplug completely) is to narrow down whom you want to follow and maybe only specify how much time you will spend each day on social media. Do not scroll for hours.

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    1. Thank you so much for your valuable input! I will surely follow your advice! Indeed social media is a lie. It’s all about showing only the happy picture, or I would say pretending happy in the pictures!

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  4. it’s really an obvious trauma, there can be negative impact of anything, also this social media is one of them.. I got myself separated a little by turning off notifications can help, and yes reading actual books just as you did… you got to think that when and why do you check your social media

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  5. Indeed a good post I must say👍
    During these days of lockdown just try to find out in what you are good at, it maybe drawing, singing, cooking, blogging etc
    Just keep your phone aside and try to occupy yourself in different home activities
    I think these days are best times to find out who you are as a person other than your regular days….you get to know about your hidden talents which you might have never noticed before.
    Lets try to find out positivity in every situation and hope for the best to happen!!!😊😊

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  6. If Plan U (uninstall) doesn’t work. You can try Plan C (Cupbard). Put your phone away in the Cupboard and out of sight for a few hours each day and you will realize that you haven’t missed anything important, but spent time doing something else instead… give it a trying…

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  7. I too had a similar problem some time ago. I just uninstalled everything. No excuses. No nothing. I just thought that I had to do this. In the beginning you will struggle with it, but soon you will develop the habit to live without it. Just make yourself believe that you are way better without social media. You will realize it.

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  8. Mahima, this toxic relationship is a real problem in millennial. Do not try to uninstall, just Uninstall. I did it for myself and now I am in peace. For first few days, you will feel incomplete but then everything will fall in place. You will get time for yourself and you will love it. Don’t see what others are doing just help yourself and do the favour of detoxifying the habit. 30 minutes daily Meditation also helps. 😊

    I hope this piece of suggestion might help you. Take care dear!

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