Don’t Be Happy

This one really hit hard to me. I have been pretty much productive after lockdown, which gave me a sense of pride, contentment, and sanity. Until a few days back, even after having ample work to keep myself busy, I had a constant battle with my thoughts, I felt void, unhappy, and mentally sick. I was done with everything. I even took a break from work, but that made things even worse as over-thinking took over. THE ONE WHO TALKS ABOUT POSITIVITY, GRATITUDE, AND LOVE ON HER PAGE FOUND ALL THE THREE MISSING IN HER LIFE!
But the show must go on, so did I. I worked, kept myself engaged, and convinced myself to be okay. Until last night at 3 am when I was done scrolling social media and realized how everyone is battling their own struggles. I realized I had first world problems which were nothing in comparison to those whose life apparently looked perfect. I immediately texted my best friend and ranted about all that was going in my head. She, like always, was a perfect listener & advisor. And after the entire episode, trust me, I felt so much better! I realized I should not pile up stuff in my head, forcefully make myself happy, and unnecessarily keep myself busy. Rather, just vent out everything going on in my head. IT REALLY WORKS!

Who all goes through the same? Share your thoughts! 🙂