Just Listen :)

Sometimes all they want from us is to just listen to them with an open heart & mind, pay attention to them, let them vent out, be their shoulder to cry on. They do not expect any solutions or reply from us, they just want to speak their heart out without any expectations of judgment from us. We think that they are expecting a reply from us, but on contrary they don’t want any solution, but just an ear to listen.

Personally, being a good listener helps us broaden our horizon by getting exposed to other’s ideas, opinions and perspectives. We can learn so much by just being a good listener. Socially, it fosters our relationships with others. People start relying on us. There can be nothing better than being an exceptional listener to somebody. Very often, when someone shares his/her problem with us, we ‘reply’ them telling issues we are dealing with in our life. But does that reduce their pain or makes them feel any better? No! So here’s what you should do rather:

Empathize with them, put yourself in their shoes. If you first seek to understand, you will find yourself being better understood. Don’t be afraid of long silences. Human communication involves much more than words.

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