It doesn’t Get Easier, You Become Thick Skinned

It’s been really long I have penned something like this, but today this realization hit me and I wanted to share it with you all, hope you guys understand or relate to it.

Developing a thick skin takes a lot of time, it’s a process. While some people think thick skinned people are ‘emotionless’, according to me, one should have a thick skin so that other people’s criticism or harshness does not bother your mental state.

Forget about strangers, it is our near and dear ones who sometimes throw harsh remarks/criticisms/offensive statements/ or do our character assassination.
Being a personal victim of all this, I totally understand it hurts you on another level, breaks you from inside and even boils your blood and fuel your mind with negativity towards people.

But with time I have realized, becoming thick skinned is great, you are not turned off by other people’s judgement or behavior towards you!

So here are some tips I would like to share to develop a thick skin:

  1. Accept that Everyone Do Not Need to Like You: Acceptance is the key! You cannot be loved or appreciated by everyone, for everything you do, let that sink in. It is completely fine because everyone have their own opinions, and their opinions holds no validity.
  2. Don’t Take Anything Personally: This one is a golden rule of happiness. In life, you will come across a lot of people, especially in your family & friends, who will say mean and harsh things to you, judge you for every little thing, and try to let you down every time. But do not let that hamper your mental peace. Be resilient to what others say and I bet, you will be pretty sorted in life!
  3. Assume that They Might Be Dealing With Some Problem: Not always do the critics tend to hurt you intentionally. In some cases, they are dealing with so much in their lives, that they take out all its frustration on you. So it’s better to listen to them and let go what they said.
  4. Build Your Own Momentum: When the inevitable criticism does come, use it as motivation and redirect that energy to create momentum of your own. With the right perspective, it becomes almost laughable.

I hope you liked the blog, do share your feedback.

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