You are NOT Alone

Are you even adulting if you are not making mistakes?

Are you even growing as a person if you are not facing any complications?

Are you even becoming stronger if you are not crying your heart out on certain days?

But amidst everything,

Are you loving yourself enough?

Are you valuing yourself enough?

If the answer is NO, then my dear friend, you are not alone. There are many people like you out there, struggling to give themselves the value and love they deserve.

Hardships and heartbreaks are a part and parcel of life, but while dealing with it, we often forget to love ourself. We start self-doubting and often “self-harming” ourself.

Self-harm does not mean physically harming, but mentally as well.

☞ We overthink and put ourself in a bad mood.

☞ We start doubting our potential of doing well in life, winning people’s heart, or being a good person.

☞ We become insecure about ourself and develop a fear to interact with people.

☞ We start compromising on things/people that do not even deserve us.

Our brain gets wired in a certain way that it makes us vulnerable for the things/people we crave for. This eventually damages us from inside without us not even realising it. We start taking everything that we already have for granted. Our sole focus goes on what we don’t have. To overcome that vulnerability we start running after that void of our life, and eventually we start losing ourself.

Someone recently told me: “There will always be a void in your life, no matter what. So start accepting and living with it.”

I know this is easier said than done, but these words of wisdom can be life changing, if implemented.

We always tend to run after the missing factor of our life like money, love, fame, attention or anything else. In the process we forget embracing what we already have.

We prefer overthinking about our insecurities and voids rather than appreciating our blessings.

Let’s just learn to appreciate our life, embrace our shortcomings, and come to terms that we cannot have it all. We all will have some or the other other struggle in our life, but how we deal with it decides the quality of our life.

Let’s promise ourself to not let our voids, insecurities, and complexities hamper our blessings.

I know all this might not be new to you, you must have read or heard this at 200 other places, even I did. But when recently I was told the same thing by a different person in a certain manner, it got stuck in my mind.

I have written this blog in a hope that maybe, similarly the same happens with anyone reading this. Maybe my words get stuck in your head and might help you bring some mental peace.

Thank You!

Ps: I might sound vague in this blog but honestly speaking, I have just poured my heart out in this blog in a hope that someone might feel me, relate to me, or learn something from my experience! 🙂

Do share your feedback in the comments section or you are always welcome to message me personally. Always ready for some good conversations 🙂

Happy Reading!



11 thoughts on “You are NOT Alone

  1. Mahima ,that was a quite invaluable & insightful writeup on the ways to lead some quality life without any complications or self doubt! You have come out with beautiful solutions to any potential problems in life thus spreading positivity & hope for the depressed! Thanks for sharing such a great post!💖

    Liked by 1 person

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