You Cannot Teach Without Learning

As much as I enjoy learning and exploring new things, it gives me immense joy in sharing what I learn in that process with others. It does not include only the bookish knowledge, but also skills and lessons I learn in the process of exploring.

We often hear LEARNING SHOULD NOT STOP, but there should definitely be a motivational factor that builds a zeal to not stop learning. My motivational force is my passion and enthusiasm, to TEACH others. I feel glad when people ask me anything because I know about it. It is so fulfilling when people look out for you, trust you, and love you because you KNOW about something.

I teach, therefore I learn


Can you relate to this feeling? Also this one is a very short write-up as I just felt like sharing my thoughts on this topic! Would love if you suggest me topics you would like me to talk about 🙂

Always ready for fun/deep/insightful/beautiful conversations on:



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Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award

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