Life’s Amazing Secrets: Book Recommendation

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This is the first time I am posting something like this. It’s a book review, no wait, not exactly a review, but a recommendation. A few days back, I started reading “Life’s Amazing Secrets by Gaur Gopal Das”, and trust me, no book has inspired me to this extent before (The Secret by Rhonda Byrne ranks second). In such tough times when everyone is stuck in their house, feeling mentally exhausted, your mind calls for some daily dose of positivity.

In every page of the book, like literally, there is a stimulation of positivity and motivation. From every instance recited by Gaur Gopal Das, we learn something, and if we imply that ‘something’ in our lives, problems will look much smaller, mind much more stress-free, and we will start sensing an abundance of love and gratefulness in our life.

In this book, Gaur Gopal talks about 4 wheels of life that keep it going: Personal Life, Relationships, Work Life, and Social Contribution. He talks about every wheel in-depth and narrates instances which unfolds words of wisdom.

I have jotted down some of my favourite excerpts from the novel which I am going to share with you all, although in every page there is something to absorb, these are my most favourite ones which made me reassess my principles of life:

  • When we comfort someone, it is important we bring positive non-judgemental energy into conversations.
  • Behind every smile, people are going through struggles we know nothing about.
  • When negativity consumes the mind, not only do we lose the vision to see beautiful things around us, but also the ability to solve the problems that confront us.
  • Gratitude is not merely an emotion, it is a way of life which can be learnt and practised.
  • Do we have a problem in life? No? Then why worry? Yes? Can we do something about it? No? Then why worry?
  • Anyone can find dirt in someone, be the one that finds gold.
  • Learning the art of appreciation is vital for building healthy relationships.
  • Hotheads do not give good feedback, choose a better time.
  • If we need to give corrective feedback, we should invest tonnes of praise and trust into a person before doing so.
  • While forgiving, look beyond the situation, separate the person from the episode and think of higher purposes of forgiving.
  • To find your purpose in life, you must go on a journey of self-discovery.
  • Understanding our purpose takes patience and dedication.
  • Foundation of growth is understanding who you are.
  • You can only compete with yourself if you have a clear idea about your potential, your capacities and your limitations.
  • If you do what you love, you will never have to work a day in your life.
  • We can only give to others what we possess.
  • A good character has to do with our actions, not words.
  • Enjoy your life like an ice-cream before it melts!

I highly recommend everyone to get this book, it will surely leave a positive impact at the forefront of your thoughts!

Happy Reading!




While I was casually scrolling my insta account yesterday, I read that one of my acquaintance lost her father. She is one of the happiest girls I know and always thought that she lead a picture-perfect life. Then I come across this news. Likewise, a few days back I heard about my schoolmates’ unexpected doom, who was hardly 23years old and the only child of his parents. I was literally just tossing and turning for two nights when I got to know about him. I don’t know why, but such instances traumatize me! Passing away from even the most distant people I know leaves me in a blue state of mind.

It is during these times when I sit and wonder, how will I take such situations in life? Will I be strong enough to handle the curve-ball life will throw at me? The mere thought of losing my dear ones haunt me. It’s the scariest thing I can ever conjure. I can imagine myself jobless, penny less, luxury less, but I just cannot picture myself without my parents, family, who are my strength, my mountain of support, my magnum opus! And my extended family, my friends, who add colours to my life, make me feel the happiest in their camaraderie, listen to my everyday mundane and stand with me during tough times in the best way possible.

Life looks insoluble without the army of my family and friends. I think I am just not the person who conveniently swallows the fact that ‘life goes on, with or without people’. Such phrases do make me feel good while thinking about those temporary people, who were either not meant to or didn’t deserve to be a part of my life. But over time, I’ve apprehended that I cannot afford to lose my defined set of quality people from my life. I love them honestly, no matter what and they love the real me without any complaints. It’s these people who make me feel so content, positive, energized, and blessed with their presence in my life.

Life is indeed very uncertain. You don’t know what’s gonna happen next minute with you, with them. What’s gonna happen will anyways happen and you will not be able to stop it! All you can do, at least what I’ve started doing now is, take out a minute, express your gratitude towards them, text them, call them, snap them or tag them in a meme. Meet them over a coffee, have conversations, hug them, give them a kiss, share laughter, feed them with love, because you only live once!

It’s these people, who make our existence meaningful, add sparkle to our chronicle, stand with us during challenging times and lastly who cry when we leave the world.

Never let materialistic gains overpower relationships. You just have to find the right set of people who are worthy of your love and love them selflessly, without any expectations. Never miss a chance to let them know how much they mean to you and never take their love for granted. Blast them with your love, trust me, that’s the best treat you can give to yourself and others!